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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A Sincere Thank You

Today was the last taught session of the Creative Computing Club pilot scheme we will meet again in two weeks for the exhibition. I just want to say this before the blog goes live to the general public, and that is thank you. Thank you O'Reilly, Rapid Electronics, YoYo Games, Love Electronics and Young Rewired State. Thank you to all of these wonderful people who helped fund the project, and thank you to and your excellent service. Thank you to all the Twitterers who tweeted their support. Thank you to Theo Clarke all the library staff at Chantry Library and to Anna Shaw and the staff at the Hawthorn's Children Centre. Thank you to all the participants and parents who took part.

We are going live with the blog now, as there was a mix up with the Bank Holiday / Queens Jubilee dates and we want people to know now. Additionally, I will be meeting hundreds of people over the coming weeks (teachers /parents/students/government) and we all agreed it would be best to let them know what we have been up to by sharing what we have done and exactly how we have done it through the resources that can be found here.

Thank you everyone for your time and support.

I hope you enjoy what you see.

Matthew C. Applegate / Pixelh8
@pixelh8 on Twitter

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