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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Creative Computing Club: Week 6 Circuit Bending & Sound

It is just the nature of circuit bending that sometimes you can get amazing results and sometimes you do not, and despite a lot of the toys that we brought in weren't very "circuit-bendable" due to their layout, we did some pretty cool stuff.  We still got on and learned things about sound and and how to automate toys through using the Arduino, we got a rather annoying "edutainment" toy to stutter and change pitch. We edited white noise from a circuit bent toy to come up with a bass and snare drum for a simple drum loop using Audacity and Sony Acid

Circuit Bending is very exploratory (that is why there are no resources to download for the session). It was a simple case of opening up the toys and poking different places with the ends of crocodile clips, while recording it all just in case something interesting happens (and sometimes only happens once), we have a good recording of it.

We now have two weeks off to plan our exhibition pieces for July 10th, 2012. It is an open to the public event where we will be discussing what we did and what we hope to do when we return for the full year Creative Computing Club course in September.

From September we will be going a lot more in depth with our projects, spending four weeks on a subject instead of one off sessions. We will be looking at Arduino, Processing, Game Maker, Minecraft EDU, Scratch, LEGO Mindstorms, .net Gadgeteer, HTML/Javascript and App Inventor, Sound, Animation and more, maybe we will see you there?

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