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Thursday, 28 February 2013

CCC4KIDS Project One Platform Game

I have been working with the wonderful and talented students from St. Helens primary school in Ipswich to learn about, design and make a platform video game. I am very pleased with both their hard work and their "professional" attitude of setting up "pretend" video game companies. The 16 students were taken on a course of the history of video games, design concepts of video games and basic computer art to produce the wonderful game you see below. They then divided themselves up in to four groups and produced one level of their game as a proof of concept for it.

This is the first project for CCC4KIDS aimed at getting children aged 7-11 interested in being creative with technology. Sincerest thanks to Mr. Babbs, Mr. Budd and St. Helens primary for letting us host the club at the school. I look forward to running many more exciting projects with them in the future.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Digital Illustration session four of four.

It was the last session of Digital Illustration today and the results were just amazing. Over the course of four weeks (6 hours total) we got them to learn how images were made up of basic shapes, we got them to sketch, ink, scan and colour in those images. I am really impressed with the work. Here are just two of the examples.

I am so impressed with the whole group, they really put a lot of effort in and achieved great things. For a lot of them it was mainly about slowing down and really taking your time with the image.

Next week, we start electronics.