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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I said there would be cake.

Today was the last session of the Creative Computing Club this time it was the exhibition, with the students showing off what they had been making. The only rule was that their exhibits needed to show off something they had learned while being a part of the Creative Computing Club. Amusingly all of them put forward their Game Maker games they had been expanding on since the Game Maker session, so for many it was a chance for the students to try out to try out each others games.
Unexpectedly and rather brilliantly the students started teaching each other how they did different things in their games, there were many brilliant ideas, but more importantly they were being shared. It also nice to see many have upgraded to the HTML5 version and beyond to start getting their games out in to the wide world.

I have updated the Game Maker gallery here so please check out the screenshots of their games.
This is Joe with his best young scientist award from BT Exact Technologies, it is really lovely he won and even more so that everyone in the group cheered him, which to me really highlighted how supportive of one another this group has become.

I was really pleased to hear from the parents how the sessions had helped the students in different ways, I especially liked how coding has helped one student get over his fear of maths. I could also see firsthand how this group has helped some of the students come out of the shell a bit, show off what they are capable of and begin to help others.

In September we will return, this group will be the "2nd years" it will be their challenge to help teach some of the basics and integrate the new group, thankfully I have complete faith in them to be able to do it.

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