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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Creative Computing Club - October 9th 2012

After a few teething problems with moving in to the new venue (i.e. setting up software, accounts all that kind of stuff) fortunately we have got down to some programming, we are a much bigger group now so it is both tricky and nice to take on the new challenge of delivering such technical sessions to a larger group. (see photo)

We are making a top down shooter kind of like a generic tanks game, but some of the students have come up with some very nice alternatives, we have a virus vs. bacteria type game, zombie apocalypse and a few airplane games too.

It is a good mix of different skill levels and ages, the youngest being 10 oldest being 15, some have loads of programming experience some of them none at all.

It was also nice to finally have everyone on the same page, and have everyone working on their own separate game but at the same time helping each other.

I got to see another one of those moments, when you see a student see his or her work come to life and start moving around the screen, they often take more ownership and more pride in their work. It's great and we have a lot more to come.

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