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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New start, new place new logo

I am quite pleased to announce Creative Computing Club has returned we are now based at Parkside School, in Ipswich and a sincerest of thanks must be said to all the staff for allowing us to make it our new home.

I have run many workshops with Parkside School and they have always been supportive of the types of projects I run. The main advantage of having the sessions their is that it comes with a full PC and Mac suite, so it doesn't matter if the student has their own computer or not they can attend, making the sessions more inclusive.

Our first session back was just to introduce everyone to everyone else, and outline the years curriculum we will be covering  Game Maker, Processing, Arduino, digital illustration, animation, sound and circuit bending, LEGO Mindstorms and a lot more.

We will also be building up to a big project but that is top secret for now.

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