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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

CCC GameJam 2013

CCC GameJam 2013 was a great event, a week long event with game making in the morning and game playing in the afternoon. This week we decided to make shoot-em-up games. The participants grouped together in pairs as I took them through the basic principles of using Game Maker to control players, make enemy spawners, and write up a high score table.

The afternoons were spent playing LAN games as well as gaming challenges (like Minecraft building challenges). On Wednesday we had out colleague Ron come by and help with the gaming challenges and help with some of the students art.


We are sincerely grateful to "The Producers" and Andy Payne for all the wonderful game prizes and to Mark O'Neil who sponsored us a Firefox Phone, thank you so much. They were super excited and surprised by them.

We ended the week with a full day of just playing games and lots of treats. All in all it was great week of social gaming, making and playing. Perfect activity for those about to return to school.

Thanks to Greenfinch Church for letting us use the room. I now look forward to the next GameJam in December!!!

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