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Sunday, 27 January 2013

CCC visits UCS for GGJ13

Today we were fortunate to be invited to the Global Game Jam event, an annual event where students have around 48 hours to take a game from concept to completion. The local event was hosted by University Campus Suffolk so I saw it as a good opportunity to show the students of CCC what it was like to be a games design degree student.

We had an hour long tour of the event and the CCC students got to see the games that were made and ask questions. I think it was really good for them, the students at UCS were as always polite and welcoming and I think the CCC students got a lot out of it. Some of the CCC students are at a age where they have to start choosing their options, so to hear what route to take from the games students and lecturers was really helpful.

A lot of them have said they want to return there as a degree student which is fantastic to hear. Some of them didn't realise that becoming a games designer was even a possibility for them, thanks to the well established course at UCS it is.

One parent has emailed me to say that it is really great that her son has said he will try harder at Maths if it means he can become a games design student. Sincerest of thanks to all the staff and students at UCS for being such great and inspirational hosts. You can check out the excellent games they made here.

Who knows maybe next year we might even take part :)

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