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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Creative Computing Club: Week 2 Game Maker

I am so pleased with the students today, not only because this was  an enormous and complex task, but it was their first session under my direction, and they did brilliantly. Admittedly one of the students had prior experience with Game Maker, and few of them had tried it before, but this time all of them left having learned how a basic platform game engine is put together. I really think they got a real sense of achievement from doing it.
I can't describe how happy they were when their characters started to come life, first we added gravity, then movement left and right, but it really got exciting when the characters jumped.

It was quite a daunting task for me, usually I tend to teach more game design than game making focusing on characters and artwork, this time it was all about using Game Maker to bring those design elements to life.

All of the resources for today's session are available here, for one on one sessions it usually takes around 60 minutes to go through it, for a group allow for 90 minutes. Obviously go through it first yourself otherwise it will take a lot more time. Next week we are learning coding with Processing so please download and install beforehand if possible.

Sincerest of thanks to my assistants Joe & Bradley for their help keeping everyone on track, to all those who took part and of course thanks to YoYo Games for providing the Creative Computing Club with a copy of Game Maker so I could teach with it.

If any students want to send me some screenshots of their game please do and I'll post them on here.

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